Twin Peaks receives fan-made Atari 2600 game 'Black Lodge'

Before the cake was a lie, cherry pie was a simple truth. Twin Peaks, a benchmark in redefining what a television series could be and a major influence for Alan Wake, has received a fan-made video game adaptation for the Atari 2600 (playable on current generation computers).

Oddly, Twin Peaks aired in 1990, which is actually a couple console generations after the Atari 2600's glory days. Of course, trying to apply logic to Twin Peaks means you're a few steps from entering the Black Lodge, the setting of the video game.

Created by Jak Locke and downloadable for PC and Mac, Black Lodge places players in the role of Special Agent Dale Cooper, as he runs from one similar room to the next. The residents of the logging town and his doppelganger are in pursuit. For fans of the series, the game will make some sense in what it's trying to evoke. Also, it really helps to read the fully-developed "instruction booklet" that comes with the game.

Download the game:

Protip if you're not looking to read the instruction booklet: Top right.

Twin Peaks is available to stream on Netflix.