Boxee Box adds music streaming from Spotify, just press play

Today the Boxee Box becomes the next media streamer in the US (after the WDTV Live and Live Hub) to add support for Spotify's streaming music library. Assuming you have a premium subscription at the ready (free and unlimited passes won't cut it, consider this the same as access on a smartphone) all you need do is log in and your personally curated selections from the company's catalog of sounds is available in your home theater. We gave it a quick try on our own system and found it synced our favorites with no problem, however if you don't have playlists set up there's no way to search or pull in songs from different sources. Still, considering how difficult it is to throw a party with more than one participant around your laptop, this should be the perfect way to take your dubstep playlist to the big speakers. And maybe invite some other people.