Aion's 3.0 update features extensive housing mechanics, mounts

Aion - housing

Remember that really slick Aion "vision" trailer that NCsoft released in November of 2009? If you're a fan of the Daeva-centric fantasy MMO you've probably seen the nine-minute clip floating around the intarwebs (and marveled at its graphical upgrades, mounts, player housing, and various bells and whistles).

While NCsoft has already implemented some of the visual tweaks in a previous patch, the housing and mounts have remained conspicuously absent. Now, though, new info leaking out of Korea confirms that the features (and the rest of Aion 3.0) are indeed on the way. Housing will be available at level 21 and will boast many different styles, customizable interiors and exteriors (including color and elevation), functional wardrobes, and a variety of furniture items that will be produced by crafters.

Mounts will come in both flying and ground-based flavors, and will need to be hatched from eggs like most of Aion's other pets. Finally, it's worth noting that NCsoft has no official release date for 3.0, and the North American servers usually lag several months behind their Korean counterparts in terms of content updates.