GhostX Ultimate offers classless gameplay with nanobots

GhostX Ultimate - combat gameplay screenshot

If you've never heard of GameKiss, you're not alone. The company hopes to change that, though, and the first step toward raising its profile is a new MMO called GhostX Ultimate. GameKiss says that the title "delivers a stand-out gameplay experience for gamers with an appetite for a completely different kind of adventure," and that it's unique in "a sea of repetitively-themed MMORPG games."

Bold claims, to be sure, but how exactly does GhostX come by its uniqueness?

For one thing, there are no classes or jobs. Instead, players develop their own catalogue of nanobot weapons that can instantly change an avatar's combat abilities from melee to short- or long-range styles. GameKiss's latest press release also says that GhostX has a "real storyline," and you can learn more about that, and download the free-to-play title, at the official website.