Blizzard's Jay Wilson discusses the creation of Diablo III

Screenshot -- Diablo III

The big title on Not So Massively's current waiting list is, of course, Diablo III. It may be a bit before we get a solid release date out of Blizzard "Soon" Entertainment, but in the meantime, the company is keeping the hype training running steadily. Today we have a new interview from the folks over at PC Gamer, during which Diablo III's game director, Jay Wilson, talks about the challenges of building a new game based on the Diablo pedigree while also ensuring that the title has a soul of its own.

For example, while many have decried the game's "more colorful" environments, Wilson states that "if you make something, you can't just copy. You have to infuse it with your own personality, your own interests, your own opinions, your own desires. If you don't, then it will be soulless." For the full interview, just click on through to PC Gamer.