Xbox 360 fall dashboard update 'slightly' delayed (update: it's live!)

Still haven't received that fresh new Xbox 360 dashboard update? Don't worry, no one else has either. Major Nelson tweeted "The timing for Xbox 360 update has been slightly delayed" from the planned 10AM ET launch, and promised a status update later today, but for the time being there's no other word on why, or when it will arrive. In the meantime, feel free to read our review again, make sure your Kinect sensor is tuned, or maybe take a swing Geometry Wars for old times sake. We'll let you know when there's more information available.

Update: Looks like it's rolled out for a bunch of you. A screenshot from a tipster awaits after the break and let us know how you fared in comments! Major Nelson just tweeted it's rolling out to all users now, so go ahead and log in and you should have an upgrade waiting.

Update 2: Well, getting the update may be tricky, with Xbox Live inaccessible for many right now. Some have suggested signing in on and accepting the new TOS as a way to make it work on your console, but until tings are back to normal we'd suggest keeping an eye on the XBL status page.

[Thanks Andy]