Apple update twofer: Apple TV hits 4.4.4 (9A406a), minor iOS 5.0.1 bump comes to iPhone 4S

Here's a question: why, as a major consumer electronics company, would you introduce just one software update in a day, when you could just as easily introduce two? Exactly. Apple has just pushed out a new duo that honestly have little in common, but if you're the owner of a second-generation Apple TV and an iPhone 4S, you've hit the jackpot. The former is reaching v4.4.4, which claims to bring an assortment of not-big-enough-to-pinpoint bug fixes; the latter, however, tweaks the iPhone 4S' 5.0.1 build ever so slightly. If you've noticed anything major from either update, do tell in comments below.

Update: The Apple TV 4.4.4 changlog notes that users can expect "general performance and stability improvements, including a fix for an issue that displayed an error when playing some video content."