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Zibri spots more Qualcomm evidence in iTunes


The evidence of a shift in Apple's wireless chipset choices for upcoming iDevices is growing stronger. First there was Engadget's strongly sourced report indicating that Qualcomm (the key innovator/inventor in the CDMA space) was going to take over the radio component sourcing for both the iPhone 5 and future iPads, instead of the Infineon hardware that's been used up until now.

Add to the pile this new post from jailbreak impressario Zibri, who says that there are key items in the current iTunes build that clearly show support for a Qualcomm baseband. It's great that they're there, don't get us wrong, but chances are they're in place to cover the forthcoming/announced Verizon iPhone rather than future unannounced iPhone and iPad versions. In fact, as far back as August of 2010, TechCrunch put a stake in the ground and predicted a January 2011 launch of a CDMA Verizon iPhone based entirely on the chain of component orders that could be traced back to Qualcomm's manufacturing partners.

Any time there's a drastic shift in the architecture of an Apple product, the component story has to change along with it (see the 68040 to PowerPC transition, PPC to Intel only five short years ago, and hard-drive-based to flash memory for iPods as past examples). Chances are we will be hearing a lot more about Qualcomm in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks to Zibri for sending in the tip.

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