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US pricing for Panasonic's 2011 HDTVs leaks out


Forget about doing any yen conversions, the planned US (as always, subject to possible change or retailer discounts) pricing for Panasonic's 2011 lineup of HDTVs has been posted over at HDGuru. According to the information it's received from retailers, the starting price of the top of the line 65-inch VT30 due in May is unchanged from last year's VT25 at $4,299.95. The 55-inch arriving in April is a bit cheaper, starting at $2,799, $300 less than a comparable model was last year, but a new year mans there's also more versions of the 3D capable plasmas to choose from. The ST30 series doesn't feature certifications from ISF and THX like the higher end models or some of their design tweaks, but a 42-inch plasma with the new Infinite Black 2 panel can be had for $1,099 to start. Unfortunately the 3D-less S30 appears to have a different panel and no Viera Connect features so we can't do a direct comparison to see how much 3D is adding on to the price tag, but its 42-inch model is $200 less. Check out the site for the full pricing information and approximate release dates

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