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HTC Thunderbolt makes FCC appearance?


It looks like HTC just got the go-ahead for a 4G smartphone from that great predictor of market preparedness, the FCC -- and all signs point to Thunderbolt. PG05100, as it's so lovingly referred to, operates on Verizon's 700MHz LTE as well as its CDMA / EVDO bands, and is set up for SVDO and SVLTE (or simultaneous CDMA voice and LTE data) -- definitely in keeping with Verizon's plans. Unsurprisingly, HTC's slapped the usual confidentiality request on this one, asking that any telling photos remain under wraps until March 31st. Considering what we've heard about a delayed Valentine's Day debut, could this mean an April Fools' launch for Verizon's first 4G LTE smartphone? Our heart tells us to doubt it, but if PG05100 turns out to be the real deal, Thunderbolt should hit the US sometime soon. Not soon enough, mind you, but you catch the drift.

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