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Toyota to show off iQ EV prototype, put it into production next year


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Toyota has been showing off an electric vehicle concept based on its iQ ultra-compact for a couple of years now, but it looks like it's finally worked up enough confidence to actually put it into production. The first step down that road will occur at the Geneva Motor Show next month, where Toyota will show off a "near-production" prototype of its iQ EV (not necessarily the actual name), which is apparently much like its FT-EV concept, but with an improved lithium-ion battery pack that promises a range of 105 kilometers (or 65 miles) on a single charge. Assuming all goes as planned, the car will then be put into production following some additional testing later this year, and Toyota will reportedly begin leasing it to consumers at some point in 2012 -- Europe seems to be first in line for the car, but it will apparently be headed to North America as well.

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