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Kenwood's still making Media Kegs, announces bilingual MG-G608 for the Japanese market


We've been covering Kenwood's Media Kegs since the dawn of Engadget, and though we haven't seen one in awhile, there's no question this line of MP3 players is still alive and kicking. The company just debuted the MG-G608 for the Japanese market with a bilingual UI, stereo Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, and one neon chassis. Otherwise, you might find its specs -- namely, a small 2-inch display, lack of video playback, and a modest 8GB of storage -- a bit ho-hum. To be fair, it does support microSD cards as large as 16GB, though even then, you might prefer 32GB, depending on how expansive your Hatsune Miku collection is. Japanese and English speakers alike can pick one up in Japan next month for ¥15,000 ($183).

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