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Sony S1 Honeycomb tablet slips through the FCC with AT&T frequencies and HSPA+ broadband module


Ah Sony, your S1 and S2 tablet secrets are safe with trusty ol' Engadget. Take these new SGPT113JP/S and SGPT114JP/S tablets that just passed through the FCC. We won't tell anyone that they're actually variants of your S1 tablet, that 9.4-inch jobbie with Android 3.x Honeycomb and custom-made "Quick and Smooth" UI and "Swift" web browser. And mum's the word on the 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi and WCDMA bands II and V radios -- the latter making an introduction on AT&T (or perhaps Rogers in Canada) highly likely. And you won't hear us making a peep about the Ericsson F5521gw HSPA+ capable modem that's mentioned, the same module spotted in the S2's FCC filing. Really, we won't say a word until this PlayStation Certified tablet hits retail later in the fall.

Update: We're also seeing some WiFi-only models in the SGPT112US/S, SGPT112CA/S, SGPT111US/S, and SGPT111CA/S.

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