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LG C729 Android phone for T-Mobile clears the FCC, packs a low-res display


Oftentimes, when phones hit the FCC, they raise more questions than they answer. Case in point: the LG C729, a handset that just cleared the Commission, revealing little more than the fact that it will run on T-Mobile's 1700MHz spectrum. Other than the cellular / PCS, GSM / GPRS / EDGE, and AWS WCDMA / HSPA connectivity, we know it has Bluetooth and WLAN radios. And that's all you can squeeze out of the report, since LG asked the FCC to keep the test manual and any photos under wraps, as companies with their trade secrets are wont to do. But, as PocketNow reports, the user agent profile tells a fuller story, with nods to a some version of Android as the OS, and a low-resolution 320 x 480 display. So far, word on the street is that LG will launch two Android handsets on T-Mobile this fall, including the Maxx and the Maxx Q, which will have a QWERTY keyboard. So what say you, readers? Just what is this thing?

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