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Pico Dolly replaces homemade roller skate tripods for smaller camera productions (video)


Instead of precariously perching your DSLR on a skateboard in the name of film, perhaps it's time to invest in something a little more stable -- like the extremely affordable Pico Dolly. Machined from aluminum, this 3.5-inch, three pound dolly has wheels akin to those found on Rollerblades, plus three screw mounts to attach the optional 11-inch friction arm. The contraption can glide straight or shoot in circles while taking up minimal room -- something that videographers using cameras like the A77 and E-P3 (or even the iPhone) can surely appreciate. Unlike its conceptual twin, which currently costs $150 and isn't scheduled to ship until October, the Pico Dolly can be had for $65 (or $90 if you want the friction arm included) and is scheduled to ship by September 12th. Check out the cinematic assistant in action after the break.

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