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Samsung's Media Hub Beta program for Galaxy S II owners adds some points to your Smart TV's IQ


Media Hub is nothing new to those toting Galaxy Tabs or Galaxy S phones. However, bigger screens are always better whether you're watching 30 Rock or MacGruber, right? Good thing Sammy's launched a beta program for its video service that lets those who are selected see all their favorite shows and movies on their Smart TVs. Just register at the source link below, and Samsung will send those it selects an email invitation to download the Media Hub Beta application. The catch (there's always a catch) -- it's only available to Galaxy S II owners, and your Smart TV must be a 2011 model. But, if you do hit the Media Hub Beta lotto, the company's handing out $25 voucher to use with the service. As if you needed another reason to go get Samsung's superphone.

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