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HP TouchPad pops up on TigerDirect, refuses to roll over and play dead (updated)


Time and rapid inventory sell outs might've quenched the fury of late summer's TouchPad firesale. But if you were left outside of the webOS mourning soiree and are still keen to call that HP tab your own, TigerDirect's got a slew of the slates ready for the taking. You won't find that seductive sub-$100 price here, however, the web retailer is offering a rebate that'll cut the 32GB slate down to a very attractive $150. The future may still be uncertain for the mobile OS that was once was and could've been, but at least dual booting Android's a sure thing.

Update: Looks like you need to purchase an HP laptop or desktop to take advantage of that rebate, otherwise you'll have to fork over the full $300.

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