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Klipsch launches Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition headphones, vivaciousness follows

Darren Murph

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We knew good and well Klipsch was dabbling in all sorts of various paint schemes when we toured its Indiana-based headquarters in the winter of 2009, and now it seems that one of those prototypes has found a place in the market. The company has just launched the Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition headphones ("coming soon"), a glittered-up version of the X10i that we already feel head over heels in love with. Outside of aesthetics, there's nothing significant changing here, but the extra $50 will net you a purple inline remote (compatible with Apple's iOS devices), a screened Lou Reed autograph, a 360-degree mic and a sense of gratification that could only be matched by being elected president of the free world. Or, something like that. Hit the source for a full helping of specifications, but it's on you to find a safe and legal method for acquiring $399.95.

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