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Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011: accessories


Welcome to the Engadget Holiday Gift Guide! We're well aware of the heartbreaking difficulties surrounding the seasonal shopping experience, so we're here to help you sort out this year's tech treasures. Below is today's bevy of curated picks, and you can head back to the Gift Guide hub to see the rest of the product guides as they're added throughout the holiday season.

As any technophile will tell you, accessories make the getup when it comes to complementing your favorite gadgets. Whether you're decking out a smartphone, computer, tablet, gaming system or just looking for some good old-fashioned holiday kicks, we're here to help you pick from our favorite accessories of 2011. Jump past the break to find out which ones made the "Nice" list.

Stocking stuffers that aren't coal

Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

The holidays are all about festivity, which is why it's key to have some speakers on hand in case a roaring singalong rendition of Deck the Halls ensues. Enter the Logitech Tablet Speaker for iPad, a portable set of speakers that clips onto the slate, enabling the ultimate dance party in stereo sound. With an eight-hour rechargeable battery, the tunes will be flowing (much like the champagne) all the way into the new year and hopefully... beyond.

Price: $40 on Amazon

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Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

EX3D glasses

For those who wouldn't be caught dead in standard-issue 3D glasses – even in the dark-- there's EX3D's line of fashionable eyewear to be worn in pitch black. Perfect for date night at the movies or at home with your 3D TV, these babies will certainly help you stand out from the crowd -- when the lights are on, at least.

Price: $35 on EX3D

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

appBlaster IR gun

Ready to take Alien Attack for iOS to the next level? Toss your iPhone into the appBlaster. Once your iPhone or iPod Touch is secured in the AR shooter, all it takes is a touch of the capacitive pads or a pull of the trigger to cause some serious space destruction.

Price: £18.59 (or $27) on Amazon

Mid-range gifties

Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

On days when you're forced to leave the comfort of your Snuggie and venture into the outside world, it's important to keep your gadgets juiced at all times, and the Aviiq Portable Charging Station should do the trick. The tablet-sized travel case features three USB power ports, capable of charging devices ranging from a smartphone to a music player or even an iPad from a single outlet, so you can rest assured you'll never be left powerless in public again -- as long as an outlet is near.

Price: $80 on Amazon

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Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

Zotac DisplayPort

It may not look too glamorous, but when functionality is key there's the Zotac DisplayPort, which turns any DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort into a dual-HDMI hookup. With support for two 1920 x 1080 displays, you can watch Rudolph on two screens at the same time.

Price: $50 at NewEgg

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

BookBook iPhone 4 case

For the Ron Burgundy types who prefer to fill their living rooms with rich mahogany and many leather bound books, there's Twelve South's BookBook iPhone 4 cases. Protecting your smartphone and doubling as a wallet, the vintage fixture gives the illusion that you're reading a book, even if you're really playing Angry Birds.

Price: $60 on Amazon

Mo' money mo' problems

Burton Mix Master gloves

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

There's nothing worse than exposing your digits to frosty temperatures while switching between jams on the slopes, which is why Burton's hooking you up with its Mix Master gloves. By embedding a wireless remote within, skiers or snowboarders can control their iOS devices wirelessly without being forced to face the elements. Although the price tag may seem a bit steep, Burton gloves do have a stellar reputation, and of course, life is always better with a playlist.

Price: $160 from SkiBum

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Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

Hori PS3 Tactical Assault Commander 3

When you're just plain sick of all that holiday glitter, perhaps it's time to invest in something a little more hard, like the Hori PS3 Tactical Assault Commander 3 gaming keyboard and mouse. Designed specifically for the PS3, this combo will enhance your gaming chops with adjustable mouse sensitivity and a re-mappable keyboard that remembers your choice settings every time you sit down to play.

Price: $100 on Amazon

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011 accessories

Maxell Maxsound Soundbar Tabletop Speaker

The Maxwell Soundbar Tabletop Speaker not only looks cool as a cucumber, but also promises to amplify your favorite carols with a stereo kick thanks to a built-in woofer and two dynamic speakers. Strong enough to hold 55 lbs. of flat-panel TV goodness, the speakers will hold up to something as big as the old tube and as small as a smartphone, tablet or any other musical device.

Price: $107 from Amazon

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