PSA: iPhone alarm clock not working again? Time to update

Hey, remember that madcap time last year when iPhone alarms didn't work on January 1st or 2nd? Still having the same issue this year? Well, you might want to think about updating. We're seeing a flood of reports from users whose alarm clocks are not working again this year, but from what we're able to tell that's because the affected users haven't updated their devices past iOS 4.2.1. If that includes you, dear reader, now would be a great time to tether yourself and click your way through whatever iTunes recommends. There's a whole new major version out there waiting for you! That said, if you're still enjoying your iPhone 3G, we're sorry to say 4.2.1 is as high as you can go on the iOS food chain. Maybe 2012 is a good year for a new phone?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]