Samsung Smart Interaction gesture controlled HDTV demo (video)

Samsung revealed some of its 2012 HDTVs would include a built in camera and mic to enable a feature it calls Smart Interaction, which is just a brand name for voice and gesture control. We stopped by the company's massive CES booth today and squeezed between all of those 55-inch OLEDs to get a quick demo, and found it mirrored the suddenly common Kinect functionality we've become accustomed to closely. Like Microsoft's add-on, Samsung's setup has a keyword that activates it (Hi TV) and like the recently upgraded Xbox 360 dashboard, there has been a lot of work done to make sure it recognizes many real words. A key difference from the Kinect however, is that Samsung has also developed a Bluetooth-connected IR blaster that can sit in front of your cable box and extend the control to other devices that way. As you can see in our video of the presentation the control was generally tight and responsive, however it still lacks truly natural communication and the test volunteer had some trouble turning the TV off. Check out the video after the break and see if a future of talking to the TV is for you -- we'll be on the couch with our remotes.