Capcom behind 'No Hope Left' viral ads (or widespread graffiti, depending on your perspective)

The "No Hope Left" ad campaign spotted in a variety of locations across Europe has been pinned to Capcom. At least that's according to The Sixth Axis, whose intrepid reporter schlepped down to the Vauxhall station in London after seeing an image pop up on the viral ad campaign's website. He spotted an ad company (Primesight) credited for the faux graffiti and emailed them to confirm who had bought said ad. He was told, "Panel number is 2375 03 Parry Street. The company advertising on it is CAPCOM."

This makes a lot of sense, given the "O" in "No" looks like a stylized biohazard symbol (the name of the Resident Evil series in Japan). It would also not be surprising at all for a video-game company to post adverts marauding as graffiti, though we doubt this will draw as much ire as previous attempts. Either way, it looks like we'll find out more tomorrow, as the ads all point to a reveal on January 19, 2012. Here's hoping tomorrow doesn't accidentally coincide with the real zombie apocalypse. Boy would that be a lot of egg on Capcom's face, eh?

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