Pocket Informant planning public beta for cloud service

The team from Pocket Informant is at Macworld|iWorld this week to show off the app and announce a new cloud-based service that will share information across all of the company's mobile apps and new web interface. Pocket Informant is a GTD/calendar/tasks app that combines all sorts of functionality in one place, and during Macworld|iWorld, both it and the HD version are on sale for just US$9.99.

The app is great (and we've spotlighted it here before), but the online service should make things much easier for many users. You can sign up on the website now for the public beta of the web app. WebIS, the company behind Pocket Informant, told us that it wanted to start the beta as soon as this week, but it's instead waiting to see what the response is like before launch. The web app will be a fairly open beta, and the company will widen it as time goes on.

The iOS beta, on the other hand, is a little harder to roll out. WebIS will do a closed beta using Apple's Enterprise distribution, so the public won't have much chance to try that cloud service before it's ready to go. But once the code is all set, Pocket Informant users will get a free update that will sync their information across all devices. And while iOS is first, the app will eventually sync info to Android apps as well, so if you use multiple devices, this should really come in handy.

Check back with us all week as our team at Macworld | iWorld is providing complete coverage of all the goodies on the expo floor.