Twisted Metal launch stalled in Europe, pushed back to March

Localization issues are holding up the launch of Twisted Metal in Europe, David Jaffe confirmed in a NeoGAF post today. Though he couldn't say exactly when the title would launch in March, it seems the whole month is in play -- it could pull into retail as early as March 1 or at the end of the month. Twisted Metal is still on board for a Valentine's Day launch on February 14 in North America.

In addition to the delay, the European version will be modified. Jaffe says SCEE censored certain portions of cutscenes and minor gameplay elements have been tweaked. "99 percent of the cuts were in the movies and the movies are still intact and I sat with the editor -- who was the same editor of the American movies -- and we went thru and addressed the notes from Europe and made sure the stories still worked," Jaffe wrote in his post. As for the gameplay edits, Jaffe only spoke of one minor change: the guy laying on the gurney from Meat Wagon is now a cadaver rather than a live, screaming corpse. Yep, we're furious too.

Oh well, at least you've got that demo to keep you company in the meanwhile.