NintendoWare Weekly: BurgerTime World Tour, Maru's Mission

The XBLA/PSN reimagining of BurgerTime needed a little more time on the grill before hitting WiiWare, but now MonkeyPaw Games is ready to serve BurgerTime World Tour to a hungry audience on a plastic tray all right these food metaphors are falling apart.

We'll have to warn you about this week's 3DS eShop game, lest you get unreasonably excited. Maru's Mission is not about Maru the cat. It is a cute-looking ninja action game, though. But not about Maru. Sorry!%Gallery-146918%


  • BurgerTime World Tour (MonkeyPaw Games, 1 player, 1000 Wii Points): Climb cylindrical levels and walk on giant burger components to stack them together, avoiding other, evil foods.

3DS eShop

  • Maru's Mission (Game Boy) (Hamster Corporation, 1 player, $2.99): A squat ninja runs, jumps, and throws stars across levels based on folklore of six different nations.