Google and Adobe team up to make Flash Player for Linux (updated)

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Google and Adobe team up to make Flash Player for Linux (updated)
Linux may no longer be getting any more fresh Air, but it's going to get a heaping helping of Flash thanks to a partnership between Adobe and Google. You see, Adobe the pair has been developing a new browser API to work with Flash, code-named "Pepper," to provide Flash Player 11.2 in Chrome on any x86/64 platform -- including Linux. From now on, Linux users will get new versions of Flash Player directly through the Pepper API in Chrome (as opposed to a download from Adobe), but Adobe promises to provide security updates for five years after its release. Don't believe us? Get the good news direct from Adobe at the source below.

Update: To be clear, while this will keep Flash updated in Chrome, it's uncertain what this means for other browsers like Firefox, Konqueror and Midori.
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