Forsaken World Nightfall expansion is officially live

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.28.12

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Forsaken World Nightfall expansion is officially live
Forsaken World - Nightfall Citadel
It's expansion time in the lands of Forsaken World, and Perfect World Entertainment wants you to know that Nightfall is officially ready for prime time. The content drop is the game's largest to date, and to celebrate, PWE is offering players a chance to obtain a rare phantom orb pet. Anyone over level 40 who logs in between March 28th and April 1st will be given a phantom orb chance box and a shot at the various goodies that may be inside.

As for the expansion itself, it's got quite a bit of new content. Flying mounts are in, as are new areas like Nightfall Citadel which are full of quests and new exploration content. Players can now further customize their skill sets, participate in a new PvP arena season, and check out the new guild base system revamps. More details are available at the official Forsaken World website.

[Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release]
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