Distro Issue 35 gets smart with the Smartphone Buyers Guide, HTC's army of Ones and Nokia's Lumia 900

Just last week, Nielsen announced that smartphones now account for almost half of US mobile ringers. As such, we thought it only fitting to dedicate this, the 35th issue of our fine weekly, to those intelligent pocket dwellers. In it, we'll bring you our top handset picks from the big four and beyond, with the Spring 2012 edition of our Smartphone Buyers Guide, as well as our in-depth impressions of the HTC One S, One X and Sense 4 UI and Nokia's Lumia 900. Also in this issue, a look back at the history of the smartphone in this week's Stat, a Q&A with Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto and the comic stylings of Dustin Harbin for the Last Word. So hit the appropriate link below and enjoy!

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