Tribes: Ascend releases tomorrow, mass casualties predicted

Tribes: Ascend

We apologize for giving you only a few hours' notice to call your boss or parental unit and inform him or her that you'll be "sick" tomorrow, but any edge you can get for an early start to Tribes: Ascend is better than none. That's right, Hi-Rez Studios' frantic FPS is releasing first thing in the morning, and you're invited to join the fight.

With jetpacks, skiing, and a strong lineage dating back to the original 1998 game, Tribes: Ascend has a lot going for it. The free-to-play title promises to bring back all of the frantic action that fans loved with a few new twists, such as a capture and hold game mode and the return of the classic map Raindance. Players will log in tomorrow to new social options as well and can test out unowned weapons in a special target practice area.

Wondering if Tribes: Ascend is right for you? Check out Jef's Firing Line column in which he attempts to convince you that this will suck you in and keep you entertained for a long time to come. If you're antsy, you can play tonight, as the game is currently in open beta.

You can watch a new dev diary featuring the Raindance map after the jump!