NintendoWare Weekly: Ketzal's Corridors, Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection


This week's content dump from Nintendo features a pair of titles for handheld fans. Ketzal's Corridors is the big release, similar to WiiWare's ThruSpace. It's a sort of on-rails Tetris experience – if you've ever seen Brain Wall, then it's kinda like that. It's joined by Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection, a game about dressing up dolls.

On the video side, there's a new 3D video for Death Cab for Cutie's "Underneath the Sycamore."

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  • Ketzal's Corridors (Keys Factory, 1-2 players, $6.99): If you've ever seen Brain Wall, it's just like that. Only it's on your 3DS and there's no ball pit. Unless you play this game while sitting in a ball pit. Totally up to you.