Apple may be prepping iCloud upgrade, photo-sharing features

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to announce an update to its iCloud service at the WWDC in June. The revamp will include new photo-sharing features that will also allow users to comment on images -- bringing a little social flavor to the data syncing service. The personal media syncing is also going to expand to support videos, allowing you to quickly upload clips from your phone and have them appear on your computer. If that weren't enough, the same sources also claim that Apple is building out a syncing service for Notes and Reminders, which will debut alongside iOS 6, as previous leaks have indicated. Obviously none of this is concrete, but it certainly sounds as if Apple is planning to put some serious effort into making iCloud succeed where MobileMe failed. Such a dramatic upgrade might also help explain the trickle of tips we've been receiving this morning that iCloud's email service is down.