Blogger brings Azerothian fashion trends to the real world


One of our pals from, Jeremy Stratton, pointed us in the direction of the tumblr Azerothian Appearance. While there are countless tumblrs, blogs, and other fansites compiling in-game outfits for transmogrification, this one has turned its gaze toward looking good in the real world. Using the web fashion tool Polyvore, Azerothian Appearance sets out to recreate World of Warcraft's in-game clothing trends in the real world.

Don't expect to find a set of rogue tier 9 in the real world, but there are certainly themes, styles, and colors that can be used as inspiration for a more Earthly, less fantastical outfit. Some of Azerothian Appearance's attempts are better than others. Tyrande (seen above), the aforementioned rogue tier 9, and an outfit based on the aesthetics of Crystalsong Forest all look great, but the Stormrider's Regalia ... perhaps not so great.

Go show Azerothian Appearance some love, and come up with some of your own WoW-inspired outfits! I would, but I have the fashion sense of a dog with mange.