Google+ has 250 million users, more mobile than desktop

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Google+ has 250 million users, more mobile than desktop

Google+ has 250 million users

Google wasn't going to leave its budding social layer (don't call it a network) out of today's IO fun. It gave itself a bit of a pat on the back for (probably) exceeding people's expectations. For all the jokes that have been made (some of them on this very site) at Google+'s expense, it's racked up more than 250 million users. Sure, only 150 million actually active, but simply getting people signed up is a victory in itself. And, hey, about 50 percent of them sign on every day. More interestingly, Vic Gundotra says that more users are signing in with the mobile app than visiting the desktop site. That's great news to go along with the dedicated tablet version that was also announced.

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