Microsoft and NBC reportedly calling it splitsville on the web, to get friend-zoned

Microsoft and NBC have had what you might call a complicated relationship. They've been separated in the TV space ever since MSNBC became a solely NBC-owned entity in 2005, but the online fling has carried on to this day. If Daily Beast's tipsters are right, however, NBC may get a little less ambiguous with its relationship status and kick Microsoft to the curb. The now Comcast-owned NBCUniversal is supposedly irked at having to share equal control over the MSNBC website and wants to send Microsoft packing, buying out Redmond's 50 percent stake. While the existing management would stay, MSNBC's online staff would quit Microsoft's campus and hop over to an domain to reflect their newfound independence. An NBC representative wouldn't confirm that an agreement had been signed, but did say talks had taken place -- certainly much more of a response than most rumors get. With a signed deal rumored in a matter of "days," there won't be long to wait before we learn whether or not Microsoft gets dumped once and for all.