GE says its WattStations aren't behind fried Nissan Leafs, green drivers can relax

GE is eager to reassure Nissan Leaf drivers that its WattStation isn't about to kill their car's charging ability: it just held a media scrum where it declared, after some study, that its EV charger isn't the culprit that knocked 11 cars off the power grid. While the electrical pioneer hasn't narrowed down the cause, it's confident enough in its innocence that it's having Nissan dealers retract their original claims of compatibility woes. Nissan spokeswoman Katherine Zachary had previously suggested the fault might lie in a "utility" issue with the power supply itself, although GE notes that it hasn't gone to people's homes; it's testing the affected WattStations in the lab, which could change the results. Whatever's responsible, we now know that the failure hit diodes in the car's charging equipment and that the incidents aren't specific to any one region. It's safe to say that Leaf owners with WattStations can once more plug in at home and expect to wake up to a full charge.