Toshiba REGZA T-02D smartphone launches in Japan: 'New AMOLED Plus' display, old resolution

Confusingly announced by Fujitsu, the Toshiba Regza T-02D will settle into a wall of similarly bright-colored, good-looking smartphones in NTT DoCoMo stores starting this week. The (Japan-only) phone's 4.3-inch OLED screen holds onto a middling qHD resolution, but Fujitsu says its "new AMOLED Plus technology" will apparently render in higher clarity than any of its preceding smartphone displays -- we'll wait to see it in action before coming to any conclusions. There's no word on who's behind the dual-core 1.5GHz processor, but Xi connectivity (how Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo brands its LTE provision) makes a Qualcomm chipset likely. Fujitsu is also pushing the phone's 'human-centric' Android skin, like what we saw on its own quad-core slab). This involves a collection of UI tweaks to the base Android 4.0 OS, including Intellicolor, where the phone will sense the color of ambient light and tweak the display accordingly. The phone's 13.1-megapixel camera reaches an impressively high ISO level of 25600, running on Sony's back-illuminated Exmor R sensor, while Fujitsu's also channeled the ghost of the original Motorola Atrix, resurrecting a fingerprint unlock sensor. Other features worth mentioning include high-definition NOTTV compatibility, plus certified water and dust resistance. As is expected from the world of Japanese smartphones, there's a selection of colors too -- the T-02D will be available in Pink, Black and Blue from launch. Japan residents wondering exactly which company made the phone can try to get their head around the full release below.

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July 23, 2012
Fujitsu Introduces docomo NEXT series REGZA Phone T-02D
REGZA Phone features breathtaking visual entertainment and support for Xi and NOTTV

Tokyo, July 23, 2012 - Fujitsu today announced that its new docomo NEXT series REGZA Phone T-02D smartphone will be available in Japan from NTT DOCOMO, Inc., beginning July 26, 2012.

REGZA Phone T-02D is equipped with Mobile REGZA Engine 6.0-the latest version of Toshiba's high-definition imaging technology-and an OLED "NEW AMOLED Plus" display, enabling the most superb graphics in REGZA Phone history.

In addition to supporting ultra-high-speed Xi communications and NOTTV(1) broadcasts for smartphones, the high-spec smartphone boasts a rich lineup of features including a 13.1 megapixel camera and a high-performance dual-core CPU, thereby enabling users to enjoy stunning visuals.

In line with the advent of high-speed communications and multimedia broadcasts for smartphones, video content services have been improving on almost a daily basis, including such enhancements as support for high-resolution video. To make the most of these advances, REGZA Phone T-02D brings together Mobile REGZA Engine 6.0-the REGZA series' latest high-definition imaging technology-with an OLED "NEW AMOLED Plus" display.

The result is a video entertainment-oriented smartphone that has been developed to allow users to enjoy video with unparalleled image quality. As the new smartphone is powered by ultra-high-speed Xi communications, users will find it convenient to download or stream high-resolution video, and support for NOTTV ensures a wide variety of video content to enjoy.

T-02D works with REGZA Link Share, which can connect the device to a REGZA Blu-ray player to play recorded TV shows, making it possible for users to enjoy their favorite recorded content wherever, whenever. Moreover, in terms of usability this smartphone is in a class of its own thanks to a high-performance 1.5 Ghz dual core CPU and the latest version of the Human Centric Engine, offered by Fujitsu to make for easy operations through technology that adapts to users and usage environments.

Furthermore, the smartphone features a host of standard and convenient features, all packed into a single handset, such as a smart fingerprint sensor, an 1,800mAh large-capacity battery, water- (IPX5/8) and dust-resistant (IPX5)(2) technology, ATOK, infrared communications, and Osaifu-Keitai®. REGZA Phone T-02D is available in three colors: Pink, Black, and Blue.

docomo NEXT series REGZA Phone T-02D

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Product Features
1. Mobile REGZA Engine & REGZA Link Share

Mobile REGZA Engine 6.0, the latest in high-definition imaging technology
The handset offers new support for two technologies: Active Noise Reduction technology, which performs noise processing in a manner that best suits the image, and Sharpness Equalizer technology, which produces a clear picture by adjusting the contours of the photo. These technologies ensure that 1seg broadcasts and web video, as well as still photographs(3) and movies captured with the phone are visually even better looking.
REGZA Link Share(4) connects with REGZA devices and REGZA Blu-ray(5)
T-02D also supports REGZA Link Share, which enables REGZA devices to be connected with REGZA Blu-ray players. As a result, users can enjoy both live and recorded high-definition programming from anywhere in their house(6), in addition to being able to make high-quality copies(7) of programs that can be enjoyed while on the go.

2. Support for NOTTV broadcasts for smartphones

With the stunning graphics produced by Mobile REGZA Engine 6.0 combined with Dolby® Mobile v3 virtual 5.1-channel surround sound(8)-equivalent to that of a home theater-users can fully enjoy realistic and thrilling high-resolution NOTTV video. Transmitting the REGZA Phone's display to a big-screen TV(9) makes for an even more enjoyable experience.
3. 4.3-inch OLED "NEW AMOLED Plus" display featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass

The smartphone features an OLED "NEW AMOLED Plus" display that renders video with remarkable clarity in a full spectrum of 16.77 million colors. A wide color gamut that can produce 110% NTSC(10) ensures vivid, lifelike pictures.

In addition, the phone's super-durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass is tough enough to withstand drops and the rigors of daily life.
4. Ultra-high-speed Xi communications and a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU

With ultra-high-speed Xi communications and unparalleled processing power through a high-performance 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, users can enjoy HD video and online games without a hitch.
5. Latest Human Centric Engine delivers ultimate convenience through dedicated LSI

"On" when held
Based on the smartphone's orientation and motion, the handset automatically determines whether or not it is being held in the user's hand. As long as it is being held, the screen will be kept lit.
The phone detects the kind of lighting in use at the user's location-such as fluorescent, incandescent, and natural lighting-and automatically adjusts the screen's color balance to the optimal setting.
Shake-activated screen recovery
Even if the user unintentionally tilts the phone, the screen orientation can be returned to its original state by simply shaking the handset two or more times. This is useful for quickly returning the screen orientation to the desired state when the user is lying down.
Sleep log(11)
With its built-in accelerometer and microphone, the smartphone can detect the state of the user's sleep and provide detailed information about the user's sleeping habits, including the duration of sleep, the number of times the user rolls over during the night, and snoring-related information. The handset will also offer advice to users about how to improve their sleeping habits.

6. High-resolution 13.1-megapixel camera among the top of its class of smartphones

T-02D's camera is equipped with an "Exmor R for mobile" back-illuminated CMOS sensor, along with the "Milbeaut Mobile" image processing engine that incorporates a wide range of photography capabilities, including high-sensitivity capturing and noise reduction. The combination of these features allows for stunning high-resolution photographs and videos.

Highly responsive
The camera has a launch time and shot-to-shot wait time of about 0.5 seconds(12). As a result, users never miss out on the perfect moment, and can capture it with a great looking picture.
Super nighttime mode
In addition to T-02D's ISO 25600-equivalent high sensitivity, the phone also comes equipped with a nighttime mode that allows users to take beautiful photos at night while minimizing camera shake and noise, two problems commonly encountered with previous low-light photography technology.

7. Smart fingerprint sensor with on-off switch

Rather than using a passcode or swipe pattern to unlock the phone's screen, the new handset's fingerprint sensor allows users to simply press and slide a finger across a switch to quickly unlock it. The screen can also be turned on and off using the switch, enabling one-touch operations.
Compatibility with Key Services

This includes sp mode mail, iConcier, Shabette Concier, dMenu, dMarket, docomo Palette UI, docomo Anshin Scan, Area Mail, FOMA® high-speed (max. downlink speed of 14 Mbps/uplink speed of 5.7Mbps)
Product Specifications

Size: Approx.130 × 64 × 9.9 mm (10.4 mm at thickest point)
Weight: Approx. 139 g
Continuous Standby Time:
Approx. 430 hours in FOMA 3G
Approx. 380 hours in GSM
Continuous Talk Time:
Approx. 330 minutes in FOMA 3G voice mode
Approx. 400 minutes in GSM voice mode
Main Display: 4.3-inch qHD LCD (540 × 960 pixels)
Back side: 13.1 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
Front side: 1.3 megapixel effective resolution, CMOS sensor
Colors: Pink, Black, Blue