Apple says Google warned Samsung about copying Apple's work

The big trial between Apple and Samsung is slated to begin next week in the US and the two companies are filing briefs in advance to prepare for the jury part of the trial. One juicy tidbit pulled out of Apple's brief by AllThingsD reveals that Samsung was warned by Google and others that its early Galaxy devices were too similar to Apple's products.

According to the brief, Google told Samsung that its prototype Galaxy Tab (P1) and Tab 10.1 (P3) were "too similar" to the iPad and ordered Samsung to make its products a "...distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the P3." Even a group of designers told Samsung that "innovation" is needed because the Galaxy S looks like it was copied from the iPhone. The group went so far as to say that "[a]ll you have to do is cover up the Samsung logo and it's difficult to find anything different from the iPhone."

Earlier this week, we saw a brief from Samsung that claims the Korean company indirectly helped Apple achieve success with the iPhone, and another one that shows some cool early renderings of the iPad and a Sony-inspired iPhone.