New Layton for 3DS revealed, will be Layton's last adventure

New Layton for 3DS revealed, will be his last adventure

Level-5 announced a new Nintendo 3DS Professor Layton game this morning for Japan on Nintendo's Direct video feed. CEO Akihiro Hino introduced the game and teased a bit of in-game footage – spoilers: it looks like Professor Layton! – he also noted that this will be Layton's "last adventure." That doesn't necessarily mean the end of Layton, of course, just that the game's main character is on his way out.

The 3DS Layton – which Andriasang called, "Professor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan" – arrives in 2013, and per usual Layton announcements, no word was given on a US or EU launch just yet.