Nariko and Fortesque confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars [update]

Nariko and Fortesque confirmed for PlayStation AllStars

Two more characters have been announced as members of the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale roster, both of which attach firmly to either side of the "deep cut" spectrum: Nariko of Heavenly Sword fame, and MediEvil's Sir Daniel Fortesque.

As has been the case with the last few All-Stars character reveals, both Nariko and Fortesque were originally rumored a few weeks ago when files pulled from the beta found their way to neoGAF. Nariko's fighting style is described as "high risk, high reward" by designer Seth Killian in the video above, while Fortesque is said to be much slower and more methodical. Both characters, however, use weapons culled from the annals of their respective series' history.

Update: The video originally embedded above, belonging to Gamespot, has been set to private. We have replaced the video with a mirror located here and have updated this post's source link to reflect that change.