Xcom Global launches LTE data for travelers at $18 a day, starting in Japan

Xcom Global has been busy carving out a reputation as the world traveler's best friend, but that globetrotter has always had to make do with 3G even if there was 4G back home. As of September 20th, frequent roamers of the sort will have access to LTE when abroad -- at least, if they're planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. A deal between Xcom and EMOBILE will let visitors to Japan get up to 75Mbps by renting a Huawei GL01P hotspot to the tune of $18 a day, up slightly from Xcom's usual $15. The pocket router won't work in other countries, but it will supply dual-carrier HSPA+ 3G if travelers wander outside of the fastest coverage areas. Not planning a trip to Osaka? We're told Xcom plans to expand its LTE option to Europe at some point in the future, starting with the UK -- good timing, that.