Snow Leopard still used on more than a quarter of all Macs

Haven't upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion yet? You're definitely not alone. In fact, according to a report by Computer World, more than a quarter of all Mac owners haven't even made the jump to OS X Lion, instead opting to stick with the last version of Apple's operating system capable of running PowerPC-exclusive software, OS X Snow Leopard.

Citing data from Net Applications, Computer World explains that nearly 30 percent of all Macs still run Snow Leopard, compared to roughly 25 percent that have Mountain Lion installed. In fact, new installs of Mountain Lion seem to have eaten away more at Lion installs than Snow Leopard. Lion installs are now about even with Snow Leopard. The adoption rate of Mountain Lion appears to be running slightly behind where Lion and Snow Leopard were at this point in their lifespans.

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