Twitter brings content preview cards to Android and iPhone, lets us email tweets from the web

Twitter has been on a mission to bring more of its expanded tweet content to the mobile world, and most recently lavished attention on the iPad. It's carrying that campaign to a much wider mix of screens: an update to the Android and iPhone apps gives them article summary and photo preview cards whenever they either search for tweets or browse through the Discover tab, all without having to tap the post first. Photos in the reworked search have likewise moved to the top by default to help track down that elusive concert photo. Web users aren't being left out of Twitter's latest update frenzy, either. The social network is tucking an option into the "more" section of each tweet that lets us email a pristine-looking copy to anyone who isn't part of Twitter's flock. All of the features are available to try immediately in the relevant official clients, which should make life grand for those of us who want more than just a wall of text in our search results.