The Last of Us pre-order bonuses detailed, trailer unveiled

The Last of Us preorder bonuses detailed, trailer unveiled

Naughty Dog revealed the pre-order bonuses for The Last of Us this weekend, hot on the trail of the new trailer from the VGAs, which you can watch above. As for the pre-orders, they're split into the stuff all participating retailers are offering and the additional in-game content GameStop is bundling in.

All participating pre-orders include the game's official soundtrack, a PS3 dynamic theme based on the box art, and 'Winter Joel' and 'Winter Ellie' PSN avatars. That sounds perfect for a game confirmed for late spring - May 7, 2013, to be specific.

Pre-order at GameStop and you'll also get multiplayer goodies on top of the soundtrack, theme, and avatars. Those goodies include bonus XP, a melee attack booster, customizable character items, bonus skins, and a bit of extra in-game cash to help you on your way. Naughty Dog confirmed earlier this year that multiplayer would be coming to The Last of Us, but not in the form of campaign co-op.