Nokia Lumia 800 gets first taste of Windows Phone 7.8

An official Windows Phone 7.8 rollout to Nokia devices like the Lumia 510, 800 and 900 seemed all but inevitable after it popped up on third party Nokia ROM tool NaviFirm, then a couple days later on Nokia's own servers. Now, Dutch site is reporting that Nokia has started rolling it out in earnest to the Lumia 800 from the Zune desktop software, at least on that side of the pond. Provided your device is up-to-date, you may soon receive a certain "Nokia update," which will then be followed by four larger downloads. When the dust settles, you'll see a newfangled splash screen, customization options and Xbox Tile (among numerous other changes), heralding your not-completely-abandoned handset's arrival nearly into the Windows Phone 8 era. Check the translated source for more details.

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