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iPhone alarms work fine on 1/1 and 1/2, if you update iOS


There's two possible explanations for why Engadget's tipline was heating up this morning with emailed complaints about iPhone alarms not going off as scheduled on New Year's Day (first reported last year and fixed in iOS 5), but we haven't heard a peep about the problem.

Explanation #1: The vast majority of TUAW readers sporting iOS 5-eligible devices (everything after the 2nd-gen iPod touch and the iPhone 3G) have already updated, and the ones who haven't don't depend on their on-device alarm clocks.

Explanation #2: TUAW readers like to do New Year's Eve up good and proper, and are still all sleeping it off.

Either way, we wish you a happy 2012, free of handy excuses for oversleeping like "My iPhone didn't wake me up!"

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