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Insync: Wave 'Bye, Bye, Bye' to Dropbox


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There's another cloud based storage service planning to knock DropBox from its perch, only this one's also got the benefit of an amusing name. Insync offers all the same online-file management and sharing facilities that you'll be familiar with, but the company's tooled up for a price war. It's using Google storage as a backbone, charging only $0.25 per GB/year rather than DropBox's $2.00 -- with the hope that people follow their wallets and the promise of deep integration into Mountain View's online services including being able to edit your documents online. (Although we're not sure what would happen if Google's long rumored GDrive suddenly appears.) After the break we've got a video by Marques Brownlee that tours the service which we assure you, is free of Joey Fatone.

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