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Samsung Galaxy Note to ring Canada's Bell? The Android Market says so


Sammy's not a phone, not yet a tablet Galaxy Note has been stirring up its own excitement pre-CES, with certain accessory partners inadvertently slipping news of an AT&T bow. While we've just gotten confirmation that its US debut will indeed pan out, it appears our neighbors to the north might also be getting their maple-soaked mitts on this stylus-equipped monster. As you can see in the Android Market screenshot above, an unlocked version of the handset is denoted (hardy har!) as the Bell Samsung GT-N7000. Does this herald an impending device announcement for the network? Hard to tell, as it could all very well just be a simple system error. But with the recent expansion of that Canadian carrier's 4G footprint, the Note would undoubtedly make for a very attractive LTE lure.

[Thanks, Ramen]

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