AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note coming soon, as revealed by accessory vendor

From time to time it can be difficult to stop accessory makers from getting excited about new products, especially when there's a large amount of buzz around them. We saw this with the AT&T-branded Samsung Galaxy S II last June, and history is repeating itself with the US carrier's version of the Galaxy Note, a device that's been the subject of several rumors stretching out over the last few months. This time the culprit was Anymode, an accessory maker that works closely with AT&T and an exhibitor for next week's Consumer Electronics Show. The company just sent out an email to CES attendees proclaiming its excitement about becoming the official OEM vendor for Note accessories, and specifically mentions that the Galaxy Note will be available on AT&T sometime in early 2012. We're rather excited as well, but we have a feeling Anymode's new partner isn't expressing the same sentiment at the moment.

Update: And like that, the company has issued the following, somewhat strange retraction:

"Anymode Introduces First Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note" contained inaccurate information pertaining to AT&T and the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The information was not provided by Anymode, AT&T or Samsung , nor did Anymode, AT&T or Samsung approve it. The issuing party apologizes for the publishing of the inaccurate information and any inconvenience it may have caused.