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Swivl motion-tracking dock now shipping to early adopters, future YouTube stars


Good news are in for folks who swiftly snagged one of those motion-tracking docks we showed you a while back, as they are now being prepped for shipping. After many months of teasing, it looks like the Satarii Star Swivl is finally getting ready to leave its prototype days behind. Those who unleashed the hefty $179 on the add-on can expect it to be on its way as soon as today. As for the ones who missed out on the first batch, you'll have to get in line and sign up via the company's site to know when more pop up. Also available now is a companion iOS app, which can be used to remotely trigger the camera for some self-recording action. We know you've waited long enough to take the Swivl for a spin, but in the meantime you can remind yourself why you bought in by peeking at the flaunting press shots below.

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