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Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE listed as 'coming soon' on Bell Canada's site


Just a couple of days ago, Canadian carrier WIND quietly outed its soon-to-be Nokia Lumia 710, and now it's Bell's turn to follow suit by teasing an upcoming device of its own. Unlike WIND, however, Bell isn't flaunting a Mango-flavored handset, but instead a Gingerbread-loaded Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE. As you may have guessed by the "LTE" stuffed in its relatively long dub, this Sammy slab will be able to surf through the Mobility network's Long Term Evolution waves. Sadly, the product page isn't showing us just how much cash you'll have to unleash, or how "soon" we can expect it to hit shelves around the True North. No worries, though, since Bell does have a signup page waiting for you to kindly place your name on it.

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